The Old & The New

I am a combination of The Old and The New

A mixture of vintage and present view

— “The Old & The New” Michelle DeLateur


What is the Old & The New?

The Old & The New is a video experiment pairing the old (vintage lenses) with the new (modern video cameras). With a few mounts and a few pieces of old glass, I set out to use what I already owned with new life. For each trek, I chose a camera and a lens that matched the color scheme and the feel of the location. The rounds include New Hampshire and the Panasonic GH5, Chicago and the Sony A7iii, and the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema and Gottingen 50mm lens, which is tethered to my historical project “A Dance with Gunter.” Each pairing has a unique story and a reason for the choice. Welcome to the experiment.

Chess for Fuji.png

Round 1: Konica 50mm & Panasonic GH5

With the 4th comes steamy temps, smoke of BBQ, bubbles in beer… and to capture it, one needs a camera with color and pop. To capture the 4th of July and the summer colors of New Hampshire and Vermont, the GH5 and the Konica 50mm became the perfect companion. With creamy backdrops, unique bokeh, and bright colors, the pair framed the delight of the 4th. Ideally, filming at a high frame rate and slowing down could have allowed for some of the scenes to play out in a slow, dreamy fashion to match the creaminess of the backdrop. Next time! Overall, the creative energy and fun that this sensor and glass pair allowed me to experience was an incredible delight and a great start.

Screen Shot 2019-07-30 at 2.43.24 PM.png

Round 2: Konica 28mm & Sony a7 III

Chicago is a playground for architecture photographers. The Konica 28mm, while a wonderful distance for the Architecture Tour proved to be a welcome challenge on the bright river. The a7 III with fine detail and color accuracy, became a favorite camera: with the flip out screen, small body, and low light performance, there’s a reason videographers have been loving Sony’s DSLRs for the last few years.